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The Top 10 Signs That Your Girlfriend is Samara Morgan

  1. She's in truly desperate need of a haircut
  2. Hers is the face that melted a thousand other faces
  3. She has little habits that are starting to annoy you, such as making you cough up giant insects that you're almost sure you never swallowed in the first place
  4. It's been one week since she looked at you, threw her arms in the air and said "You're crazy"
  5. She never sleeps (which got old real fast)
  7. She's really into 3DTV
  8. You're not her f***ing mommy
  9. Collie dogs keep trying to tell you something about her
And the number one sign that your girlfriend is Samara Morgan...
  1. Before you die, she expects a ring
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This list was originally published on November 10, 2011.

DISCLAIMER: It completely baffles me that I never thought of writing this one before.

All material © 2011, Zeke.