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The Top 10 Reasons for FiveMinute.net's Inactivity Over the Last Few Years

  1. Scooter got us all lost inside the TARDIS and we've only just emerged
  2. All of 5M.net's time and effort went into building a Soon-type android
  3. Derek went off on a rant about Smallville and we've only just shut him up (until the duct tape breaks)
  4. The government only just repealed the humor tax, so we can stop pretending to be a not-for-humor organization
  5. Sa'ar's first three attempts at completing 5MB5 were all destroyed by hackers and the fourth disappeared just before he was going to publish it
  6. It was only supposed to be a three-hour tour! A three-hour tour!
  7. IJD was just sure we'd been publishing regularly, but it turned out to be a trick from the Talosians
  8. We ran out of coffee
  9. Zeke only just emerged from under his bed after rewatching The Ring three years ago
And the number one reason for FiveMinute.net's inactivity over the last few years...
  1. Can't tell you. Temporal Prime Directive
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This list was originally published on June 30, 2010.

DISCLAIMER: I still say the Vulcans are holding me back.

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