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The Top 10 Signs That You Wish Your Girlfriend Were an Anime Character

  1. You think she's really kawaii (or moe, or bishoujo, or tsundere... one of 'em, anyway)
  2. She takes a very dim view of your plan to assemble a harem
  3. You keep asking her if she can see the HiME star
  4. The nosebleeds are really getting to be a problem
  5. Your Christmas present for her was a mobile suit (and man, did you ever have to save up)
  6. You've been running serial experiments on her
  7. No matter how many times you ask, she refuses to call you "sempai"
  8. You're really worried about her nanomachines
  9. When you look into her eyes... you find yourself wishing they were about three times bigger
And the number one sign that you wish your girlfriend were an anime character....
  1. You're desperate to see her transformation sequence
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This list was originally published on April 2, 2009.

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