eTrektion 2004 Candidate Profiles

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo Name: Kevin Sorbo

Aliases: Herkster, Dylbo, Sorbzenegger

Age: 46

Gender: All man

Previous Work: Starred as Hercules on Hercules: The Exaggerated Journeys; currently starring in Gene Roddenberry's Rejected Idea: Andromeda, playing Captain Dylan Hunt and entrusted with a bizarre amount of creative control. Go me!

Favourite Enterprise Episode: "Precious Cargo"

Plans, If Elected: After escaping the Nietzschean Nazis, Archer will think to himself, "Hmmm... I have this powerful ship and a good crew. Why don't I go do some good in the universe instead of worrying about founding a big stellar empire?" This will bring him into conflict with Starfleet, who will join the Vulcans as adversaries. Archer (now played by up-and-coming actor Kevin Sorbo) will have frequent love interests and lots of action. With all that decided, the season writes itself.

Why Voters Should Choose You: See these pecs?

References: Lucy Lawless, Lisa Ryder, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Robert Hew-- no, wait

Closing Statements: I am... Hercules!

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