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Old 07-15-2006, 05:18 AM
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Default July 14

Mickey Smith here for the final day of the Five Minute Doctor Who Anniversary Special. Being here to host this event is almost as special as when the Doctor decided to let me travel with him. I'll never forget how excited he was about letting me come along. He even made sure I had a nice place to sleep in the TARDIS — a nice big comfy basket right there in the control room, and my own bowl with MICKEY written round it.

Seriously I razz the Doctor, but without him I would've stayed in my boring safe life, fixing cars and making out with Rose, instead of fighting monsters and defending the Earth. But don't worry, Doctor, I'll find a way to return the favour.

I've also got the culminating fivers in this weeklong event:

  • "Tooth and Claw" by WatcherMark, in which our pretty-boy Tenth Doctor defeats a werewolf and gets dissed by Queen Victoria; and
  • The two-parter "Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel" by Scooter, where the Doctor, Rose and I find a parallel Earth where my gran and Rose's dad are still alive, so naturally the whole place is overrun with Cybermen the minute we start enjoying ourselves. That Doctor has got some buzzkill karma.

That's all for the big 5MDW birthday. I have a note from Scooter, who says to say thank you to everyone who stopped by, and to Zeke for letting him set up the whole thing. As for me, Romana, Jo, Ace, and Pete, just remember — it coulda been you walking into the TARDIS instead of us. And maybe, in another alternate universe, it was.

An updated list of all my online writing can be found here. Check it out.
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