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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
High school? I've been around since at least 2004, and I'm pretty sure I had another account before that. Would a junior high student be able to write that Inner Light fiver?
See, I had no idea. That's why I was so surprised. I didn't realize that you and Infinite Improbability were the exact same person -- that is, until I was tooling around in the 5MSG forum last night and it was, like, "Whoa! He's that guy! Which means... Nate's been here since '05?"

Apparently '04. My bad. Either way, it ran counter to my assumptions. And that got me curious.

I don't think I've read your "Inner Light" fiver, so I can't comment.

Actually, I do mind. My current job is quite frankly none of your business. I'm giving out too much personal information about myself as it is. Besides, my online persona is quite different from my RL one. I hesitate to use the term "secret identity," but there you go.
Well, sorry, then.

@Zeke: No apology is necessary! The "screw it" wasn't directed at you. I gave up on these fivers just shy of two years ago, and, frankly, it's plain to me now (what's it been, four years since I wrote them? closer to five?) that they are just not very good. In fact, I'd go a step further: with the exception of a decent joke or two nestled in the margins, they are actually bad. I neither expect them to be published, nor do I think publishing them would be a very good idea. Not without some rewrites, anyway. I hope the fiver-starved forumgoers get some entertainment out of them while they wait for real updates, but that's all.

The "Screw it" was in fact directed at Wowbagger's Better Judgement, which has been telling me for two years not to post this fiver, on the grounds that it isn't funny. But last night I was in the middle of a really obnoxious take-home exam, feeling grim, and for some reason I ended up re-reading my old fivers, and they cheered me up. I liked the ontology joke. It may have helped that it was 1:30 in the morning. So I gave my Better Judgement the finger and posted it.

So (the "soon" joke aside; I wrote that joke five years ago) I am not at all feeling impatient with you. In a general sense, though, I think it would be great news if 5MSG reopened under Nan's management, or even if the archives were made publicly accessible again. I only started watching SG after ENT ended, and I never got around to reading more than one or two of the fivers before the exosite went offline. Those archives would be a treasure trove. New activity would be downright flabbergasting.

I do have two more of these SG:A fivers kicking around my hard drive. They are equally funny, which is to say they're not. If no one objects to my posting them (other than Nate, who objects to things on principle -- no offense), I might throw them on the board sometime. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe sometime during the next presidential administration.

Definitely sometime soon, though. :P

EDIT: I just realized that our Join Dates are actually displayed right there in the upper-right corner of every single post. I'm a little embarrassed for never having noticed this before now. I really have no excuse for not knowing that Nate was a 6-year vet.
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