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Zeke's Trek Nation Articles
Christian Sparborth at the Trek Nation has been generous enough to post a few articles by yours truly. I write these when I have a good idea and a little spare time (a combination that hasn't occurred lately, alas.)

Unnatural Law
A post-"Natural Law" analysis of the C/7 rumours and what that relationship could mean for the show. The conclusion to this one surprised even me. (Originally published May 1, 2001.)

The Voyage Home
At the end of Voyager's seven-year journey, how does the series stack up? This was my attempt to be as unbiased as possible in reviewing the show as a whole. (Originally published June 13, 2001.)

Con Report: Toronto Trek 15
My experience at one of the biggest SF conventions in Canada. The dramatis personae includes Tim Choate, Armin Shimerman, and Andreas Katsulas -- not to mention the one and only Thinkey. (Originally published August 8, 2001.)

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