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Under the Night Zeke Dylan "Rip Van Winkle" Hunt learns to stay away from black holes, Nietzscheans, Nightsiders, and constant Hercules jokes.
An Affirming Flame Zeke Trance dies rather than listen to any more of Harper's lines. Beka and crew betray their boss for fun and profit.
All Great Neptune's Ocean Tarn-Vedra Nietzscheans don't kill people -- force lances do.
Its Hour Come Round At Last Zeke Harper learns that making backups is not always a good idea. The Magog abandon subtlety in favour of the "Just Swamp 'Em" approach.
The Widening Gyre Zeke Rev stares down basherdom incarnate as everybody scrambles to fix all that cliffhanger stuff.
Exit Strategies Zeke Dylan and Tyr kick Nietzschean butt. The Maru gets an attitude. To the annoyance of viewers everywhere, Andromeda talks Harper out of suicide.
A Heart For Falsehood Framed Zeke Defying the AMA, Beka conducts several freelance Heart transplants. Tyr sulks.
Pitiless as the Sun Zeke CSM conducts an Interview With the Trancepire. The Pyrians protest.
Home Fires Zeke Hunt makes a monumental decision. Rhade takes on Rekel, the Woman of 1000 Speaker Credits. The Spirit of Bashing makes a house call. (A Very Special fiver.)
Ouroboros Zeke Dylan and crew must battle The Temporal Anomaly From Every Trek Episode Ever Made. Meanwhile, can Harper survive his Magog infection, or will the good guys win?
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