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The Top 10 Facts About Anime Characters With "Ten" In Their Names

A decimation of Tenth Anniversary Week

  1. Tenshinhan from Dragon Ball is based on a famous mythological figure of the East: Godzilla
  2. Tenori Taiga from Toradora! works as a Flame Haze in her spare time
  3. The Prince of Tennis recently proposed to Princess Nine
  4. Goten from Dragon Ball Z has a power level of 150 trillion, which ranks him a respectable 16th among the characters
  5. The existence of Goemon XIII from Lupin III implies that there was a Goemon X (who was probably a crummy samurai too)
  6. Whenever Dr. Tenma from Monster journeys on, he's humming "Lonely Man" in his head
  7. The gorgeous eyes of Tenmaku from Love & Collage exist to balance out the creepy eyes of Gowron
  8. Muten Roshi from Dragon Ball is the third Toriyama entry on this list -- dude likes his 10s!
  9. Japan had actually never even thought of tentacle hentai until Evil Dead 2 gave them the idea
And the number one fact about an anime character with "ten" in her name....
  1. Tenten from Naruto is trying too hard
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This egg was originally published on July 7, 2010.

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