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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Election 2004 Votes From the Voyager Crew

  1. Chakotay: Bush ("He takes his faith seriously... look, there's more to me than wood, okay?")
  2. Doc: Kerry ("Listen to his conflicting accounts of his past. We victims of memory alteration have to stick up for each other!")
  3. Tuvok: Bush (Kerry supporters quickly declared this an instance of Evil Tuvok)
  4. Seven: Nader (She's wearing the green catsuit today)
  5. B'Elanna: Write-in for Chuck Berry (Klingon half wanted Bush, human half wanted Kerry)
  6. Paris: Bush ("Did you see those piloting skills?")
  7. Neelix: Kerry ("It sounds like 'Kes-berry', which is what I called these delicious purple berries Kes brought me once. It all started when we visited Waktu 3....")
  8. Kes: Bush ("Neelix, those berries grew on a bush, remember?")
  9. Harry: Kerry (Did someone just commit suicide?)
And the vote from the captain herself....
  1. Janeway: Bush (Who can get anything done in just four years?)
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This list was originally published on November 2, 2004.

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