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The Top 10 Things We Would Have Loved to See in a Next Generation-Based Mirror Universe

A manifestation of Alternate Universe Week

  1. Barclay as the tough, supremely confident, Snake Plissken-type leader of the Terran Resistance
  2. Wesley Crusher as a suspected Resistance spy who, when he is questioned by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, truthfully insists that he knows nothing about anything
  3. Tasha Yar as an inept new Resistance recruit who's even more of a klutz with a phaser than Hoshi Sato used to be
  4. La Forge as a dissolute rake who defects to the Alliance when he is kicked out of the Resistance for spending all his time seducing women
  5. Worf in the same job as Regent of the Alliance as we saw on DS9, but holding Gowron rather than Garak at the end of a dog collar and chain
  6. Beverly as a Ripley/Sarah Connor-like Resistance fighter who is so deadly in hand-to-hand combat that she's known as "Dr. Crusher"
  7. Data as a Terminator-style android used by the Alliance to hunt down renegade humans
  8. Riker as a ruthlessly ambitious Resistance officer who seeks to acquire the long-lost Tantalus Field device in order to get promoted to the top job more quickly
  9. Picard as a sneaky, double-dealing mercenary captain of a decrepit freighter, but without any of Han Solo's charm
And the number one thing we would have loved to see in a Next Generation-based Mirror Universe....
  1. Deanna Troi as the sadistic, leather-clad Intendant of Betazed, gleefully purring the words "I feel your pain" to errant underlings as she beats them with a riding crop
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This list was originally published on June 20, 2003.

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