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Old 05-16-2005, 08:28 PM
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Default ENT 4x22: "These Are the Voyages"

This isn't going to make me popular, but... I loved it. And I think it's an episode that's easy to dismiss without giving it serious thought. Look at it closely, and there's real depth here. I'm working on an article which will explain exactly what I mean.

For those who don't know, this finale, like B5's, was written the previous year in case of cancellation then. In both cases, that led to hiccups -- "Sleeping in Light" acted like the wounds between Sheridan and Garibaldi were still fresh, and "These Are the Voyages" has a strange disconnect with the rest of late S4 when it comes to the T'Pol/Trip relationship. We left them in a real relationship in "Terra Prime," and now we learn that it petered out right afterwards. That was my least favourite part of the episode.

I don't want to steal material from myself, but I will tell you one of the points of my defense: Riker and Troi as people are irrelevant to the story. TATV could -- and maybe should -- have featured Starfleet officers from the 26th or 30th century that we've never met before. The fact that it was Riker and Troi allowed some subtle nods (Riker cooking; Riker asking T'Pol if she ever missed Trip, clearly seeing a parallel with himself and Troi), but thematically, they don't matter. What matters is the Enterprise crew being seen in historical perspective. And I'll say no more for now.
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