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Old 03-09-2005, 10:59 PM
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Default Deep dark confession thread

ok I saw this on a Lumi board, but it's kind of fun. Here's the idea: Confession is good for the soul. So here's the one thread where you get to admit anything that is not popular for this board, site, Trek fans. Here's what I mean:

Admitting that you love all things Trek is not a deep dark confession, admitting that you think Vadar is a better villian than the Borg Queen is.

Ok here are mine:

I don't like The Original Series.

I didn't like TNG until I discovered Q and Picard/Crusher shippiness. (The episode Attached suckered me in!)

I can't stand Archer. (until recently where he's sort of redeemed himself.)

I used to be a Wesley Crusher fan. Back in the day.

I loved the episode Threshold (Voyager) for about a month. Then I realized what crap it was.

Ok here's my biggest confession as a P/Ter: I was a Chakotay/Torres shipper until after Dreadnought. There I said it. I feel so much better.

Oh and I liked Deanna better with Worf.

I can't stand it when Picard cries. I was embarrassed for him in "Generations".
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