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Old 01-01-2022, 03:22 AM
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Default 5MDV: Five-Minute "Context is For Kings"

Yes, you ARE looking at the fourth 5MV update this month! Let's send the year off with one more DSC fiver. Why another one so soon? Well, I needed it for an elaborate prank on Wowbagger (don't ask, it would take too long to explain)... but honestly, I'm enjoying working with DSC way more than I thought I would. Never thought I'd appreciate this series for something, but here we are!

Here's DSC fiver three: Five-Minute "Context is For Kings". So long, 2021!
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[03:17] FiveMinZeke: Galactica clearly needs the advanced technology of scissors, which get around the whole "yanking on your follicles" problem.
[03:17] IJD: cylons can hack any blades working in conjunction
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Old 03-15-2022, 01:21 PM
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Straal: Man, I wish we'd just patented this holo-comm technology instead.
Stamets: Ugh, if only we could stuff that genie back in the bottle. It's so universal now, there'll probably never be another Starfleet ship without it.
They'd be fools to build a ship without it.

Computer: Don't worry, I'll let you in anyway. If Lorca wants to use a nigh-omniscient Star Trek ship computer as a glorified fingerprint scanner, why should I volunteer to go beyond?
Now I have to check if you dropped 2009 in the pilot.

Landry: Edgy and ominous! Even hotter. So what now?
Lorca: Don't worry, I'll let you know. I have a simple plan.
dun dun dun!
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“There must have been a point in early human history when it was actually advantageous to, when confronted with a difficult task, drop it altogether and go do something more fun, because I do that way too often for it to be anything but instinct.” -- Isto Combs
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