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Old 10-11-2007, 08:11 AM
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Default Christmas is coming! (aka dear GOD we need a new thread!)

Christmas is on it's way. Shocking eh? Even quicker than last year. I swear someone is nicking the days.
Guessing that most of you people work, as I do, I'm going to share the fact that I've hit that time in my life that a lot of people seem to do nowadays. Working on Christmas
I've got to flipping work all Christmas day. And it's not even like I'm in the army, or a doctor, or anything exciting. It's a load of computer crap I do. And seeing that a lot of the stuff I work with is linked to banks and so forth, there will be ZERO for me to do here. And yes, while my company at least have the decency to pay me fairly well (I hear some companies try to avoid paying extra) it still annoys me. Does anyone else work on Xmas? What the hell do you do all day?
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