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Old 07-07-2003, 02:08 PM
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[color=#000000ost_uid0]Following a UFO special last week entitled "Out of the Blue", the Sci Fi Channel is showing signs of turning into a *shudder* special-interest group. They've hired a D.C. lobbyist to help them in a big push for federal openness about UFO sightings. They're even considering taking, erm, somebody to court to get Air Force records of a Pennsyvania incident, in which some people believe a UFO crashed, released. (Maybe things have changed, but I seem to recall something about a law decreeing that the Government of the United States may only be sued when it wants to be? :S) The channel has also sponsored an interstellar travel conference. Your advertising dollars at work.

Nobody's saying what all this has cost or is expected to cost the channel. One can't help but wonder whether they had to cut back on production costs in order to afford the political stuff. [iost_uid0]Apparently[/iost_uid0] Sci Fi isn't trying to make a lot of public relations hay with this yet, though I gather that word is expected to get out to the target audience. But the idea of a network seriously campaigning for anything other than "free speech" or ratings is a bit unusual, don't you think? I suppose we'll have to wait and see how hard they push in order to find out how sincere they are about this.[/colorost_uid0]
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