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November 6

Today's link: the ringworld. I've linked to it before, but that was eight years ago, and it's still the best Ring site around. This time I want to highlight a couple of specific sections. The scripts and translations page is a great resource; among other things, it includes full translations by founder J Lopez of the original Japanese movie and the manga of the sequel, Rasen. If you've ever wondered how I became such a Ring series connoisseur in the first place when I've mentioned I can barely watch the freaking things, that's how. The fanfic section also has some interesting items, including a spooky sequel, "6155", by J himself (see if you can decode the title!) and two short pieces by nostalgia, an acquaintance of mine whose fic I've recommended before.

But that's odd... two Ring updates in a row? Eh. It's probably nothing. Or maybe I'm just doing it because J vanished off the face of the Earth in '07 or so; four years since last update makes even me look good.

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