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1. Scottish Gaelic. For one thing, I live in just about the only place where it's still spoken (even though the Scottish Parliament has insisted on putting up bilingual signs that almost no-one can read throughout the whole country) so there are times when it would be handy. For another thing, Sa'ar and I could confuse the hell out of each other, probably quite amusingly - there's some overlap between the two, but they are distinct languages.

2. Dutch. Well, the reason why is kinda obvious, for that one - I do know two Dutchies.

3. Umm... I've always thought Persian has a particularly nice script, which may be a spurious reason, but why not?

4. French would probably be useful, even if none of it ever stuck at school.

5. And now for the humourous choice; Right-Wing American. It would be nice to know what the hell they're on about, sometimes. Maybe I am better not understanding though...
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