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Default Off-site special: Five-Minute Garfield

You could not be blamed for concluding that this site died of coronavirus. (We ARE really old in internet years...) But we're still around, and there's stuff coming.

More important, there's something already here! NAHTMMM is a contributor to Square Root of Minus Garfield, a sort of collaborative Garfield parody site with a name designed to appeal to this mathematician. (If you know anything about online parodies of Garfield, you will go in expecting Dada, and you won't be disappointed.) Anyway, a while ago Nah asked permission to do a Five-Minute Garfield for that site, which I granted, and his work has now arrived. I'm late linking to it, but as he pointed out, Labour Day is a fitting occasion for something involving the very avatar of laziness!

Click this link and enjoy. (Eventually this'll probably make its way onto 5MV too.)
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