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Default June 25: Five-Minute "GROPOS" (XAW, Day 2)

Welcome back for Day 2 of XAW! ...Yes, that's my abbreviation for Tenth Anniversary Week. No, I'm not changing it.

Today we have the first of several triumphant returns. Sa'ar Chasm is back with reinforcements -- a whole division of 'em. Here's Five-Minute "GROPOS", the tenth episode of Babylon 5's second season. Be sure to stay after the credits for this one!

(And yes, that's the 5MD episode graphic at the top of the page. I've subbed it in partly because it would make JMS pop a vein, but mostly because I discovered that not only is the 5MB5 graphic missing, it apparently always has been. There's no sign of it in my old copies of the site. Strange.)

Be here tomorrow for round three!
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