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Jetrel: Your transporters are awesome. I've just spent the last hour or so transporting from one circle on the pad to another.
Heh. Come to think of it, I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone react that way to the transporters before now.

Captain's Log: A logbook entry is a great way to dismiss long, heated discussions. In this case, the one where Kes convinced Neelix to stay in sickbay with Jetrel for an extended period of time.

Neelix: You know the worst thing about the Metryon Cascade? It killed everybody on an entire moon.
Jetrel: That's the only thing about the Metryon Cascade.
Neelix: Also, the little girl I found on the surface who could only cry out "Braaaiiins!"
Jetrel: That's from a scene in "Night of the Talaxian Zombies".
Neelix: You're a monster. And I hope you die tomorrow.
Heheheh. :mrgreen:

Neelix's Dream: I am allegorical.
Al Gore: And I am Al Gore.
I spent a few seconds with the first "allegorical" passage trying to make that play on words fit into the dialogue there. ops:

Great fiver there!

Kazon 1: Well, will you look at that -- a Federation shuttle.
Kazon 2: Stupid Federation. I'll go blow them up.
Kazon 2: Why are you laughing evilly?
Kazon 1: I have no idea.

Neelex: I'm feeling underappreciated.
Janeway: That's nonsense. Your meals are almost edible.
Neelix: Awww... you really think so?

Kahr: What are you doing?
Chakotay: I'm trying to help you.
Kahr: Well, I wish you'd stop.
Starfleeters get that an AWFUL lot, don't they?

Kazon 2: We should go this way.
Tuvok: We should go this way.
Kazon 1: The Vulcan's right.
Tuvok: The Kazon was right.
Kazon 1: Ha ha ha! Suckers!

Kahr: Change of plans.
Kazon 1: GAK!
Chakotay: I like this way even better.
Heehee :mrgreen:

Great work there too

My favorites from the list:
Harry Kim: Zan ("Form of... a Wet Blanket!")
Torres: Wonder Woman ("Truth, Justice, and Bashing Your Skull In With My Bare Hands.")
Janeway: Batman ("Prepare to eat phasers, old chum.")

Culluh: (over the comm) We have hoarded all the hair care products in the Delta Quadrant. Mwahahaha!
Kira: @$#%&!
Heeheehee :mrgreen:

Kazon Ships: ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!
Computer: Secondary plot devices have been damaged.
Zeke: I'm sure it's not important. Maintain course.

IJD: We're being boarded!
Zeke: Computer, set auto-destruct sequence, authorization code "Ka-blam!"
Computer: Unable to process request. Secondary plot devices are offline.
Zeke: Shazbot.

Marc: I'm not programmed to lie.
Second Kazon: See?
Marc: Unless, of course, I'm programmed to lie, and say I'm not programmed to lie.
First Kazon: Uh....
Second Kazon: My head hurts.
Marc: Heh heh heh.

Zeke: Hm. You're right, that's a good idea. It might help the morale situation.
Kira: Then I hereby christen this stupid planet "The Forlorn Planet of Doom."
Zeke: How will that raise morale?
Kira: Oh, you wanted to raise it?

I'm getting a big kick out of this Voyagers series. Looking forward to the next parts!
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