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JANICE/KIRK: I won't submit to this petty search for revenge!
MCCOY: But you will submit to Starfleet regulations, and they state that the ship surgeon will require full examination of any crew member that he has doubts about, including the captain.

Exactly. You'd almost think that Lester was blowing hot air when she said that she studied how to impersonate Kirk.

Captain's log, stardate unknown. I have lost track of time. I am still held captive in a strange body and separated from all my crew.

If this log is supposed to be made at the time, how did Kirk/Janice get access to a recorder for this? If this log is suppose to be made after the mission, why doesn't he know the stardate?

(Chapel leaves, Janice pours the drink on the floor and breaks the glass against the bed. Then she uses it to cut the strap holding her down)

Cue another transparent aluminum quip. Even if plastic cups were still being perfected in the sixties, paper Dixie cups were ubiquitous. Who hands a glass cup to a person who is restrained and suspected of being mentally unbalanced?

GALLOWAY: The captain said no one is allowed to speak to Doctor Lester.
SPOCK: Has such an order ever included his senior officers?
GALLOWAY: No, sir.

Exactly. If you give the captain such powers it can only lead to abuse and tyranny. Do we really want another Garth of Izar on our hands?

MCCOY: The Robbiani dermal-optic is crucial. It reveals the basic emotional structure. You had one once before. Now I need another one to compare with that previous test. There should be no change in your dermal-optic reactions to the colour wavelengths.

The idea of an emotional fingerprint that can be done without a telepath is a wonderful idea that should've been explored further. An episode based around Troi vs a refined (and hacked by the bad guys) version of this device would've been interesting. But I guess the same plot hole that sucked up the pychotricorder also ate this thing.

KIRK/JANICE: You are closer to the captain than anyone in the universe. You know his thoughts. What does your telepathic mind tell you now?

I'll just link to the Spock tribute video "The Good of the One" here. The last sentence here was mixed with the music well.

JANICE/KIRK: You claim that, that you are Captain James T. Kirk?
KIRK/JANICE: No. I am not Captain Kirk. That is very apparent. I claim that whatever it is that makes James Kirk a living being special to himself is being held here in this body.

There's plenty to be discussed here about personal identity vis a vis thoughts and bodies, but I suspect that it'd get tedious rather quickly.

SPOCK: Sir, there is only one issue here. Is the story of life-entity transfer believable? This crew has been to many places in the galaxy. They've been witness to many strange events. They are trained to know that what seems to be impossible often is possible, given the scientific analysis of the phenomenon.

While I can see where Spock is coming from, this is a slippery slope. To claim that anything can be proven scientifically possible somewhere just raises more questions.

JANICE/KIRK: Mister Spock, have you ever heard of a case such as described by Doctor Janice Lester?
SPOCK: Not precisely, no.

What about Sargon and company? They should've been namedropped at the very least.

JANICE/KIRK: (thumping the table) It is mutiny! Deliberate, vindictive, insane at its base! But mutiny is charged, and encouragement to mutiny. Doctor McCoy, Mister Scott, you heard it! On the basis of these statements, I call for an immediate vote, by the powers granted to me as captain of the Enterprise. A recess is declared, to be followed by a vote.

Jeez, Janice, you really thought your plan through, didn't you? You really should've killed Kirk/Janice when you had the chance!

SULU: The death penalty is forbidden. There's only one exception.
CHEKOV: General Order Four. It has not been violated by any officer on the Enterprise.

This is misleading. General Order Four says no death penalty, only trumped by General Order Seven (no going to Talos IV).

Nitpicker's Guide

* Phil also points out the General Order 4/7 thing. (Hey, look at that!)
* Phil points out Chapel's difference in hair color (brunette instead of blonde) as a production problem. I disagree. It's weird but not a problem. Wigs and hair dyes will still exist in the 23rd century, I presume.
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