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The Fiver

Kirk: You do realize that with things as they are, it may become necessary for us to repopulate the universe.
Odona: No, sorry. I don't know where I'm from.
Kirk: Huh?

What does knowing where you're from have to do with having kids? Wouldn't this have been a good place for Odona to declare herself to be a lesbian and Kirk kicking himself about it?

Hodin: Yep, tee hee! Gideon is a paradise where people live practically forever. Our birthrate rose to the point where the whole planet is one huge mosh pit.
Kirk: So you needed me to control the population with my QTPM?
Hodin: Yep. Quite The Phantom Menace, aren't I?

Which direction was this Phantom Menace joke supposed to go? Were they implying that watching Episode One decreases the odds of having sex?

Memory Alpha

* Only appearance of a regular exterior viewing port.
* People asked how Kirk is allowed to serve if he's so infectious. Good point.

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