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Facebook Meme Roundup!

Who would win in a fight? Hawkeye or Legolas?

I have to note that it says "fight", not shoots better or farther. Odds are Legolas would win in an archery contest, but Hawkeye would win in an actual fight.

A Christmas tree halfway through a Portal portal

I thought about blue and orange portals for a second. I've never played the game, but I thought that one was exclusively "in" and one was exclusively "out", but I guess not. I am bothered that the two portals don't have the same diameter.

How all starships meet each other with the bridges pointing up

Look, I'm a fan of the "buttered toast always lands butter-side down" thing as much as anyone, but this just seems a little ridiculous. The galactic poles are clearly established, so it shouldn't be too hard to tell the computer to keep the axis of the saucer parallel to them in a certain direction.
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