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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
You're telling me that uniform colors are protected by the "established facts can be ignored for the sake of a good story" clause?
I've had to put up with the existence of a single-nacelle Federation starship, I can put up with a continuity deviation that actually looks decent.

As long as they don't introduce Kirk's crew or other crews we've already seen and show them in the wrong uniforms, I don't mind. Enterprise already had blue uniforms, we're going to see a crew in between that fashion and TOS's. I'm okay with that. If these were some other color, it would be weirder.

I agree with you and others that there is a lot of room for skepticism and pessimism about this series, but I'm going to give it a chance where it deserves a chance and not risk throwing a baby out with the bathwater.

Still not signing up for All Access (I might come home and find that KJ has, but that's her decision), but I'm also not going to dig a grave before the thing even launches.
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