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Default I'm Going To Canada

...Is not a euphemism, but probably should be.

Anyhoo, it a bit over two weeks I shall be heading from these sunny shores, well, Scotland at any rate, and arriving after a slightly-too-long-to-be-bearable flight in BC for a whole month's worth of bear-dodging, hockey-rioting, and whatever else the hell it is Canadians get up to (tasing foreigners, from what I've heard, so obviously I'm going to have to assume the accent too, eh).

It's a pity I've not more funds (I've been very lax with my bank robberies lately) otherwise I'd definitely have planned to see more of you Canadians, Mexicans, and... whatever that bit in the middle is called. Armenia? Anyway, perhaps next time, if I survive this time.

Who has suggestions for fun things to do in Vancouver and Vancouver Island? I've already got "Visit Seattle and egg Microsoft's headquarters" on the list, though it's not quite the same knowing that Bill isn't around any more, somehow...
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