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Default Five-Minute Excelsior?

I was surprised there was no news article on this, so for anyone who wasn't aware -

Obviously there's a lot to listen to if one were to try and go through the whole first season, so that there is a five-minute version of each one is very useful to me as a modern, busy go-ahead man-about-town.

(Though if you've got the time the rest of the series is quite good too!)

(Also there's a thread in Talk and I now feel foolish. Well, more so than usual.)

[ED: Jedi posted this in News. I moved it here. - Z]
Mason: Luckily we at the Agency use use a high-tech piece of software that will let us spot him instantly via high-res satellite images.
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- Five Minute 24 S1 (it lives, honest!)

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