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I'm just throwing whatever I've got out there. As I said before, my suggestion could be trimmed:

Mothership: *LOOMS*

Radio Astronomer: Hey, get a load of this one.
Boss: Wow, that broadcast sounds like it could be a signal from intelligent life. Can you trace where it's coming from?
Astronomer: Sure. . . . GASP! It's coming from . . . *inside this house*!
Everyone Else: GASP!
Astronomer: Just kidding. Actually, parallax reveals that it's coming from . . . *the Moon*!
Everyone Else: GASP!
Mothership: *LOOMS*

Technician: A signal sir, look! It's coming from.... the moon.
Supervisor: Is it the whalers? The whalers on the moon? I hate those guys.
Tech: Uh, no.
Supervisor: Are you sure? They carry harpoons you know. The whalers on the moon.
Tech: Will you stop saying that!
I could go for either of these. Nothing bowls me over for the third bit yet.
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