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Thanks, everybody! I was expecting to spend today marking papers, but I managed to get them done yesterday (all 359 of them), so today I can take it easy.

I don't do a lot to celebrate my birthday here in Waterloo, as I don't know many people here. But I'm going to do two things I haven't done in a while. First, I'm going to order pizza tonight. I did that a lot when I first moved out, but this year I've been forcing myself to spend less on food.

The other thing I want to do is have a #5mv chat. I have no idea why we stopped doing those; I think we just sorta petered out. But Xeroc's site is still working fine, so I'll be there at 9:30 EDT or so, and I hope some of you guys can join me.

I also have an update I'm working on which should be pretty cool. 23 is one thing, but surely now that I'm 24 I'll be able to keep focused and finish it....
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