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Default The cloning of Seko... or... The Secret Plan of DOOOM!

Last time, on The Cloning of Seko

KGM: Nothing happened, this is the Prologue... of DOOOM!

Oh, sorry, my mistake...

KGM: ANYWAYS! Here is a story, the story of DOOOM!
Vader: Actually, it's the Secret Plan of DOOOM! -Zeke approved
KGM: Yeah? Well now it's the STORY of DOOOM! So there!
Vader: Also, you're... lacking in my title...
KGM: Oh fine then... happy?
LORD Vader: Very much so
KGM: Can we start the story now?
LORD Vader: Go right ahead...
It was a normal day... OR WAS IT? No, it was normal...

TopHatMan: Wow, what a normal day!
John: Yes, quite normal, and nothing is adnormal
Doc: But what about the events of SigKitty Kidnapped 2? It's was Yesterday!
John: Really? What happened?
Doc: Stuff was done to you, by ROMULANS!
TopHatMan: What about Seko?
Doc: Cloned, by ROMULANS!
John: Hmm, I wonder if the forumgoers know about this?
Fuyu_Ginga: I know I do! After all, it's my SigKitty that got cloned, and ended up in KGM's signature!
KGM: I think the others noticed...
John: Hmm...
Opium: Should we do something about this?
KGM: I guess, concidering we need more characters...
Seko: MEOW!
Ginga: You're already included, as well as you're clone
"Seko": Cool
Doc: What about me?
Opium: Sorry, you're just a guest star
Doc: Oh, darn, well could I at least be a returning character?
John: Sure, why not?
Doc: Sweet! Thanks! *vanishes, WITHOUT A TRACE!*
TopHatMan: Well, THAT was odd.
KGM: Oh well, lets start the quest... of DOOOM!
Ginga: What quest?
KGM: I don't know, to figure out what the heck is going on?
Opium: That makes sense
The three forumgoers, and four forumgoer created characters leave on the quest... of DOOOM! When suddenly!
Mayweather: *pops in* YES! I have a line!

LORD Vader: That was it?
KGM: What d'ya want? It's a PROLOGUE!
LORD Vader: Whatever
KGM: Man, there's just no pleaseing people...

Well I guess I'll just live WITHOUT an avatar then!
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