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The Queen of England drove right past me at the Commonwealth Games in 1994.

Robin Williams said hello to me while I was watching him film a scene of that movie where he plays a lifetime film editor or something (he's really short and old in real life).

My dad used to play field hockey with Ian Healy, who went on to be the Test wicketkeeper for Australia in the late 80s-early 90s, and I got to say hello to him for five minutes at the Gabba in Brisbane (I asked a stupid question, too).

I've met or worked with (or waterskiied) with 4 or 5 of the top 1000 most-cited chemists in the world.

I have out-weirded Weird Al in a telephone interview for my undergrad student newspaper (I asked to intervew the hamster instead).

Bill Good and Pamela Martin, respected newscasters in Vancouver, once refused to shake hands with me because I'd just come from the horsebarns.

I've had the privilege of being soundly trounced at pool by our very own Zeke. Multiple times.

Oh, and Dad claims Mick Jagger walked past him at Heathrow Airport, and the Easy Beats (60s band from Brisbane) played at the pub he worked at before they got famous, and that he went to a school dance that the BeeGees played at when they were 15 or so. He also got to be on TV driving the premier of Queensland around Expo 88 in the monorail.

More as I make them u^H^H^H remember them.
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