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Actually, there are a couple of quotes ...
Zeke: Naturally. Back in the old days, moviemakers understood that horror isn't about gore and violence. It's about the slow burn, the building up of terror. They weren't willing to trade genuine fear for cheap startle shots. Now modern directors, with their Freddies and their Jasons, they don't get....
I happened to hear an interview the other day on NPR with Rob Zombie, and something he said ran along much the same lines. Hmmm ...

Originally Posted by Zeke
Finally, allow me to gently nudge your attention to the last line of Sa'ar's first post. It's not just random oddness.
Still trying to work out the significance of that.

Never mind -- got it. :mrgreen:
Methinks Ted Sturgeon was too kind.

'Yes, but I think some people should be offended.'
-- John Cleese (on whether he thought some might be offended by Monty Python)
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