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Default Re: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethe

Originally Posted by Chancellor Valium
You got all that? Where I was, only one councilmember bothered to come to our door :mrgreen:
Lucky sod. X(

The local stuff was pretty much set in stone from the start. Excepting two single elections, my valley's candidate has been NDP since the NDP was the CCF, way back in the days of Tommy Douglas.

Which means nothing if you don't know who Tommy Douglas was, apart from him being Kiefer Sutherland's grandpa (distaff side).

At uni the big "get the youth to vote" engine was warming up and I assume the project heads realized we dorm rats were immobile targets.

Additionally, because the general election day fell on my birthday, I only had about 12 hours total to see my sis and bro, who I haven't had much contact with for weeks (former) or months (latter), because they had to leave in the early afternoon to make the polling stations before they closed.
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