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By which I mean, that's too bad. So, when did you stop watching?
During one of the hiatuses, I think. I tried to tune in to one of the mirror episodes, but Bakula is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Just... no.

On second thought, it doesn't matter when -- you've still missed some great episodes. I love Keckler, but she's not the best gauge of episode quality for people like us.
Actually... yeah, she's a pretty good gauge for me, as is most of TWoP. It's not a coincidence that my two favorite shows are ranked 1 and 2 by reader grading and 1 and 5 by recappers (only because Strega took too long to come around to the Battlestar Galactica love) and the third, while not recapped, is pretty much generally revered. I've read Keckler's recap of TATV; she's harsh, but a lot of her beefs about the episode are spot on.
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