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I have several, very complainy opinions about this episode.

One: This is Enterprise. Why they felt the need to put TNG Characters in it is beyond me.

Two: Trip died. This is something I cannot stand. I'll enter the contest to get rid of that part. How about, I don't know, Trip joined Section 31 and had everyone believe he died? Heh. I've already put him in with so many of my stories it's second nature.

Three: Killing off T/T. Not quickly, not properly, just at the end of the previous episode it's 'awwwww', then *BAM!* it's gone. I wasn't totally in support of this pairing, despite what I may have said earlier, but it was nice. It was okay. It wasn't Reed/Tucker, but it worked. And then it very suddenly didn't.

Four: Where the heck did the Shran stuff come from? What did they do, call up Jeffrey Combs and ask him if he wanted a meaningless part in the finale? I realize they wanted to promote that Shran and that albino girl had a relationship, but they could have just mentioned it, met them before the conference, gotten a message or something.

Five: I now officially hate Troi. Even though I already figured it would be Trip to die (call it a hunch or knowing TPTB's lack of writing talent), I still didn't like her to confirm it half an hour before it happened.

Six: Where in the seven galaxies did those aliens come from? How did they catch up? Enterprise was doing at least Warp Four, and Shran said the enemies only had Warp Two, if that. It felt like they were just insulting Trip. Meaningless, very.

I'm just going to go with the whole 'holodeck program was a coverup' theory. It makes me much less mad to think that Starfleet has its KGB elements outside Section 31 (which I already did) than that this is really how their mission ended.

P.S. Was it just me, or was that Rigel Ten scene filmed on the exact same set as the one in Broken Bow?
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