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They are turning so many people off to Trek with this move.
Well, I think Enterprise may have done a little bit of that itself. There certainly was support for the show, but there was also a large contingent of bashers who were doing a conga line on Enterprise's freshly dug grave.

Compare the fan response as a whole for Enterprise to shows like Arrested Development or Veronica Mars: while both of these series have less than stellar ratings, they also have consistently positive critical and fan support that likely plays a role in the network's decision to renew. I think a major part of what sunk Enterprise -- aside from UPN's desire to target a young, female demographic -- was that while there was support for renewal, it was relatively limited to the hard core Trek fan base, and even they couldn't agree on it. Add to that the lose-lose situation for Paramount accepting money from fans to keep the series going and you've got one sunk show.
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