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Originally Posted by PointyHairedJedi
Originally Posted by persianmouse
And have no bones about it; As one of the Anonymous Donors of the $3 Million said "Saving Enterprise is saving Trek." It will be far too easy for Paramount to just walk away once ENT dies it's horrible, dissipointing death.
You see, now that's the one thing I have a problem. Yes, it is sad that ENT is gone, but that does not mean it's the end of Trek. It is a large and profitable franchise, with (as TU has so ably proved) a very dedicated fanbase, and I just don't believe that Paramount would walk away from that for good any more than I believe George Lucas would walk away from Star Wars (although in both cases I think it's fair to say niether cares much about the fans themselves anymore). I think if anything the SaveEnterprise campaign will ensure that Trek will come back quicker that it might otherwise have - with such demonstrable interest in the franchise, even a network exec should be able to grasp that there's money to be made here yet.

Whovians have had to wait 16 years for their show to return to TV, but reappear it has; I don't think Trekkers will have to wait anything like that long.
Oy, I do agree with you that Paramount could make another Trek series, but that doesn't mean trek is saved. If they served up say "Starfleet Academy 90210", a 'this is not another teen angst drama' bit of drivel that would hardly be considered 'saving' Trek. And that is not a remote possibility; Iím surprised they haven't tried it yet. And do you really want to watch another Bermanga production? I don't. And you know what, they don't have to make one bit more of trek, and they'll still make millions off of it for years to come.

They are turning so many people off to Trek with this move. Some regard it as a betrayal, a spit into the faces of the fans, the fans whom without, Star Trek would not be the dynasty it is today. They won't watch another Trek, even if it does come out. Oh, they'll still love trek, and go to the conventions, and talk about it for hours online, but they will just be done with Paramount. Why would they start getting invested in another show, just to have Paramount up and cancel it before it's time? It's also the way they're canceling ENT, how they're ending it. I don't know what you know, and Iím not going to divulge any spoilers, but it's putting so many people off. It shows a lack of respect for the show, and insult to the fans, and a complete lack of understanding what Trek is all about.

They said they didn't have the money. We brought them the money. They said Trek doesn't have the fan base anymore. We showed them our numbers. They said that Trek needs a break, to refresh it. But this fan upsurge, this wee little rebellion of ours is just what Trek needs to have new life breathed into it. People are in a fever pitch like I've never seen. If they go with us now, embrace us and put Trek back on, they will get a loyalty and a dedication and gratitude like they've never seen. It will bring optimism, resurrect what has died, showed people that if you get involved and fight for something, you can make a difference. But if they fight us, shoot us down and ignore us, they will be cutting off their nose to spite their face. They will be dooming themselves, and any new trek, to failure. And hell, the new trek they produce might be great, but the problem is, they will have pissed Trekkers off so bad, they won't watch. Some will, but many won't.

But if we stand up now, maybe we will get the kind of quality Trek we want. Cause if we succeed, ParaBorg will have no choice but to listen to us. Cause then we'll have the power. Hopelessly naive and optimistic you say? Your damn right, but I don't care.

Paramount is not Trek. They are not one in the same. Trek lives in a completely separate dimension from them. Unfortunately paramount controls Trek, gets money from it, decides its fate. But they don't 'own' it in any real sense. The fans do, we always have. And that's one of the things people are fighting for when they fighting to save ENT. It's about standing up for ourselves, and showing we are a force to be reckoned with. That we will not be TV drones, sheep to be herded, and fed on whatever they give us, and be grateful for that. Trek is ours, it is not theirs.

I love Trek. I grew up on it. I've watched every series. But I won't be watching any new trek. And that doesn't make me any less a trekker than anyone else. I'm not turning my back on trek; Iím turning my back on Paramount. Maybe it's futile, and maybe itíll do no good, but dammit, that doesn't mean I'm, or anyone else whoís fighting this, isn't going to do it. It's that fact that we came and fought that's the point.
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