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A very good question, JD. New shows to cover are definitely on our minds here at 5MV -- with Enterprise gone, we need to branch out and attract a broader audience. (No, I'm not saying we need more broads. How did that come to mean "women," anyway? Slang is a peculiar thing.)

BSG is currently under consideration. With at least three of the five staff members interested in giving it a go, it's a safe bet there will be some kind of BSG coverage at this site in time for Season 2. As for Stargate: Atlantis, while Nan is our Stargate go-to gal, she's not interested in the spinoff IIRC; that leaves it open for someone else to take a whack at it. We'll see if anyone does.

This thread is actually the perfect place for a little informal survey I've been planning to take. Of the series that will be running in the 2005-06 season, which ones are you guys most interested in seeing us cover at 5MV? (Naturally, you can name a series someone else has already mentioned, and it doesn't matter whether 5MV has done anything with it before. Non-sci-fi shows are valid candidates.)
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