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Originally Posted by NAHTMMM
Well, in hindsight, I have to wonder if Enterprise would have been renewed if Bill Gates himself had offered them $100 million to do it... :?
It came out today (I heard it second-hand, though) that we were still hammering out a $67,000,000 deal. This on top of the $18 Million we already had (if you count the Al Vinci deal, which was our main and only project at the time).

It has now been confirmed that the initial headline "Star Trek Enterprise Renewed" was caused by a hacker. Investigations are continuing. JBraz's post was authentic.

TrekUnited is not going away, but it looks like Enterprise is a lost cause. New project proposals will begin in the next couple of days at the same time the refunds come back. There is some discussion of purchasing Viacom stock en masse. The letter-writing campaign continues. The podcast will go on. I intend to propose purchasing the entire Star Trek franchise (net worth: approximately $1 Billion). A couple of people are already on board with that.

The live chat continues.

That looks like all for tonight. I leave you all with one word: Courage.

Signing off...
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