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This announcement is finally posted on the forums, after Tim is locked out. This is from JBraz56, Tim's wife:

Tim can not get into the chat room. Seems someone has been up to some dirty tricks there. So here is the announcement. Tim can also not log onto the forum for some reason.

Paramount has agreed to do a release on our combined efforts proving that we were involved with these talks, negotiations or whatever you choose to call them. This is supposed to come from Mr. Wentworth’s office. We will see if they stay true to this. I have NO doubts that many of you will contact him. Please feel free to do so.

First, let me start off by saying that the way that most fans have united here is astounding. Most have all pulled together to try and keep Enterprise and Star Trek alive. I would also like to add that I am not sure why some on other forums were so mistrusting of what we as fans we were trying to do. It really saddens me that we could not all pull together in this to try and make a positive impact on the future of Enterprise and Star Trek.

Although non of our members that have contributed to the campaign have complained, most everyone else has. It boggles the mind that people do not have at least some trust in the fellow fans. It does not matter what series you are a fan of. They all push for unity as well as peace and that is not what all of the fans here on the internet have made this about. It has turned into a total concept of who is going to win and who is going to loose.

That has been wrong from the start and should not have come down that way by either side. If you were not happy with the way we were doing things. OFFER suggestions not criticism. Not one of the people putting down our efforts even tried to offer advice or contacted me personally to say “try this” or you might want to run this by your staff.

Here are the facts. We have been in talks with Paramount. We have brought millions and millions to the table to keep the show going. We have had two companies in Canada that were involved in trying to move it to Canada. We also proposed another way of keeping it in the U.S so that no one would have to move. This was all thought out very well in advanced and pushed forward not by just the staff at Trek United but by the other Canadian Companies as well.

We had many people involved in this outside of Trek United. We are NOT producers, directors or know anything about the television business. This is why we got in touch with people who were. We made a proposal to these companies in Canada and they wanted to take it to the next level which was Paramount.

The main problem here seems to be us accepting fan money. This will no longer be an issue. Starting Monday or Tuesday. Andrew our attorney and I will start the forms and refunding all money that our members have contributed to this campaign as per the TOS.

With this being said. The money from the fans was meant to make a point and that is what happened. People stood up and took notice. The media ate it up. Paramount has noticed us to say the least. We have taken this campaign to new heights beyond any other. We let them know that we would not go quietly into the night without speaking our mind.

A lot of our staff and members have taken a lot of abuse from others on forums and various places for standing up for what they believe in and something that they hold dear which is this wonderful world of Star Trek. Most of our members stand for what Star Trek is all about. Unity, peace and working together for a common cause and we did this against incredible odds which to be honest I thought was Paramount. I never dreamed that we would be fighting fans in this battle as well. This is NOT what Star Trek is all about.

For the people that have supported us from the start and for the ones that continue to do so. Please hang tight. You have done everything that you could to try and make this happen. It is plain to see that this is not about money, ratings and or anything else other than politics with UPN and Paramount or somewhere else.

Our final proposal was knocked down by Paramount. We will not see a season five for Star Trek Enterprise. All money as I stated earlier will be refunded starting Monday or Tuesday of this week. We will not allow people bashing our efforts on our own forums. Please keep in mind that our members are fans just like you are. If you feel the need to rejoice over this.. Please direct your email to me.

For the members that have supported us Thank you. We are all winners. We had the dream that we could make this happen. Trek United will continue to be here and we will explore new ideas, but the fan donation part if it has made the point we intended it to .

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