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I rather like ST:The Final Frontier myself. Actually I think I like it better than ST:The Undiscovered Country, but that may be because we went to see the latter in a theater back when I was too young to do more than be confused by all the jumping around and plot .

All these comments about the books have me thinking Those Evil Thoughts again... :twisted:

I like some country music. Oh, wait, that isn't Trek ops:...

I am not a BIG fan of Peter David. At all. Q-Squared is brilliant. Vendetta is good, but it wears a little thin after a few rereadings. The Disinherited is very good, but that was a joint work. But let him go off and do his own thing, and you get smothered in his bread and butter, e.g. Imzadi and New Frontier. (And what was up with The Rift? One good scene and the rest is blech.)

Speaking of which, I have a certain liking for The Laertian Gambit (which seems to be regarded as the "Spock's Brain" of the novel world). It's SUPPOSED to be absurd, people! The only problem I have is with some of the characterization, but characterization is surely a secondary concern in satire (which this partly is).
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