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I love Voyager.

When away at college, I didn't have cable in my dorm, so no Voyager. I would call my parents to ask if anything good happened. Once I got cable again, I watched the repeats every night on UPN to see episodes I missed. The epidsodes I missed were around Season 3 and 4.

Before Endgame, me and my mom had the theory that Janeway never escaped the Borg that time when the Borg Queen had her, and that all the episodes between then and Endgame were all a dream by Janeway.

I enjoy Enterprise. I was hoping they would tie the pilot episode with Quantum Leap and have Archer leap in.

I had a fantasy where I was on the show as Janeway's lost son. The ship I was on went looking for Voyager. The ship gets attacked by the Borg while I was on a shuttle mission, leaving me by myself. Voyager finds me adrift and unconcious. They beam me to sickbay, and the Doc makes the discovery that I am Janeway's son. And naturally, I want revenge on the Borg for what happened to my ship. See the tension between me and Seven?

I never really got into DS9.

If I ever get a chance, I will eventually watch all the TOS and TNG episodes.

I have no idea who Doctor Who is.
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