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I don't think I like DS9 very much.

Porthos is my only favorite character on Enterprise.

I used to be an avid anti-J/Cer... and... oh, God... here comes my big sin.

I used to be very pro-C/7. OH GOD, I can't believe I spit it out. D:

I like Neelix. I like Neelix very much and in no way find him annoying. Except in the first season. X_x

I tend to gasp/scream/make some sort of noise whenever Janeway gets hurt/comes close to it. Everyone could hear me around the neighborhood during Year of Hell. And I remember screaming during Unimatrix Zero. Ohhhh, yes, I screamed. Screamed into a pillow for about 15 minutes and came downstairs, eyes wide and looking very dazed.

I don't hate a single Trek character. Literally. The ones I do hate, I don't thouroughly hate, because I love to hate them.

I liked Nemesis, if only for Janeway's cameo.

And I liked the 5th movie somewhat. Somehow the humor in it struck incredibly good notes with me.

And my silly one:

I once had a dream when I was little where the entire TNG crew was on the bridge, naked. :lol:

Wow, there were way more than I thought there would be...
What further instructions could there be besides, 'Kiss your ass goodbye'?
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