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Now it's necro-posting. (Yes, me registering, posting and getting activity here was all a set-up to a bad necro-posting joke. Hahaha, ouch my sides. Please stop stabbing me.)

I really wanted to contribute to this. Here. Be gentle.

Panel host (on TV): Man does the President stink. He's a wuss, a weenie, a Miss Prissy Pants, a coward-
President Whitmore: Doesn't the news have anything better to report?
Panel host: And we'll be right back on Fox News.
Whitmore: Never mind. Don't let it rot your brain, sweetie.
Patricia Whitmore: And Letterman is much better?
Whitmore: ...I'll just leave now.
Constance: Everyone hates you.
Whitmore: I wish there was some form of crisis that would unite us against a common enemy to show everyone else that I am really a great leader.
Constance: HA! Over your wife's dead body.
And I couldn't help it either:

David: I'm slow and steady at playing chess.
Julius: Well, I'm not. Checkmate!
David: That's not what is supposed to happen! In the original, I beat you with meticulously thought out moves and good strategy.
Julius: This is a fiver. We do everything faster here.
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