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IJD: Oh, and there's an array. (puts it on screen)
Zeke: Hmm. Doesn't look like an Array of Light.
IJD: Or an Array Charles.
Zeke: Or an Everybody Loves Arraymond.
IJD: Or Arrayed: Kills Bugs Dead.
'ray cool, man. 8)

Zeke: The EMH? Yeah, they're still working on its personality. Ours is just a Marc one.
ROFLMAO! Totally worth the wait for the payoff.

Banjo Man: It's one a' mah talents. Ah was class valee-dictoreean at the Wordy Bastards Hall a' Fame.
Unca Jim!

I know how hard it is to beat up a pilot episode, having done it twice in one parody, so -- BIG KUDOS!

woohoo! that was post 47! :mrgreen:
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