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A video discusses the most reckless time travelers in Trek. The question is raised: why did Admiral Janeway just go back to Season Seven instead of preventing the Delta Quadrant excursion entirely?

I'm not going to attempt to explain all possible futures, but let's look at a few answers to the question:

PNQ: How would the Delta Quadrant have gone on if Voyager had never gone there?

Just a few highlights:
1. The Equinox would've poisoned Delta Quadrant opinion of Starfleet so much that when the Federation expanded that far legitimately it would've been an uphill struggle to gain a foothold there.
2. Seven would've died along with the rest of the Borg Continuum at the hands of Species 8472. Furthermore, when Species 8472 invaded the Alpha Quadrant it would've taken longer to mount a defense without the unique medical knowledge of Doc.
3. The Kazon would've been slowly assimilated by the Vidiians. No Seska means continual squabbling and no alliances.
4. The Ocampa would've died out the hands of the Kazon.

5. A huge chunk of the Delta Quadrant would've been made warp-impossible because of Omega.
6. The Unimatrix Zero crew never would've had any sort of life outside of the Collective.
7. No Q Civil War, no Q Jr., imprisoned Quinn. And as a matter of fact Q never would've become rebellious again, who knows what would've happened there.
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