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Right? I really miss that comic. I was there almost from the start (came in around Bubble Man). On the plus side, every so often Dave adds commentary on more strips. The most recent batch explains the ending of the X storyline, which I never quite got at the time. I assumed the one talking about ice cream in this strip had to be Dr. Light encouraging George to leave, but it's not -- read the commentary on that strip and the one before. While it still doesn't really explain why everyone's minds got returned to their bodies, the gap is easy enough to fill (we've seen Mega Man make impossible things happen before through sheer force of stupidity).

Also, guess what was a Trek reference all along? I never guessed because the characters were so dissimilar.

By the way, bet you don't know there's a bit of B&G content on this site! The Election '04 event included this easter egg (the first one I did), and not everyone found it.
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