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[color=#000000ost_uid0]No offense, sax. I realize you're understating my determination in order to make the poem rhyme. Other than that, it's only too accurate.

[iost_uid0]Somewhere there's a Rommie named [bost_uid0]Nan[/bost_uid0]
Who believes that Dan is The Man.
"Star Trek is okay,
But as I always say,
Stargate ROCKS! I'm its #1 fan."[/iost_uid0]

(That only took me about 5 minutes. "A lot of free time", indeed. :eyeroll: I usually have another 2 or 3 windows open when I come here. I can do stuff and just check back every ten to forty minutes or whatever. So there. )[/colorost_uid0]
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“There must have been a point in early human history when it was actually advantageous to, when confronted with a difficult task, drop it altogether and go do something more fun, because I do that way too often for it to be anything but instinct.” -- Isto Combs
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