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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
He's heard, and he's exercising the better part of valour and not commenting on it.
And this is exactly how one is supposed to respond to a legal matter, especially if there's something you have to worry about. Bravo.

The legal precedent has also been set with several other places. Yes, C&D orders have gone out to fan productions in the past, but for more incidental reasons - Phase II got one in 2012 for a script that TOS series writer David Gerrold sold them without CBS/Paramount's consent. The actual reasons for Axanar's suit, even a parody play in 1996, well before the new management so to speak, drew the ire of their IP protection lawyers. "Star Twek" was the name, if interested.

It is discouraging as a fan who likes writing in that universe, but on the flip side Axanar did do a lot of wrong - offering out Kickstarter rewards of digital copies of the works can be construed as selling it, setting up a for-profit studio using money that was promised in a non-profit light, drawing salaries, and the general reaction of the group itself. 99% chance they will lose and fold up; no idea what would happen to the money.
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