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A story from Not Always Right:

A guy scans his card to pay for a purchase, but refuses to sign, so he tries to walk away. The clerk says that the stuff is still his, so don't leave it behind. The guys says that he didn't sign, so he didn't buy anything. But apparently he DID buy $120 worth of stuff.

PNQ1: If the signature isn't required for the money to be taken from a person's card, WHY is the signature asked for at all? I kinda thought that the signature was a protection for everyone involved from fraud.
PNQ2: Why didn't the store just refund the money? There should be a procedure for "customer changed his mind, return the money to his card", right?
PNQ3: Did the store not have anybody to chase this guy down and hand him his purchase?
PNQ4: How has this guy managed to exist this long with a credit card when he "never" signs for anything?
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